Discover the realm of 4D technology in orthodontics with ClearX

LEt's Boost

that ALigner


35% faster than traditional
aligner treatments

Smarter treatment monitored

by the aligner booster

Ecofriendly solution


What is 4D ortho - ClearX?

ClearX aligners are a series of clear aligners
manufactured using 4D technology.

Based upon simple first principles of physics and
mechanics, ClearX provides advantages on
several multitudes whether for the practitioner,
patient as well as our planet.

Our goal is to decrease plastic usage in the
orthodontic field while leveraging the
the smartness of teeth straightening to extents
that were not possible before.


We are proud of all the work poured into this technology
over recent years to bring a paradigm
shift that is inevitable for the whole
market to adopt in the coming years.

WElcome the Aligner Booster

The patient receives ClearX aligners accompanied with 1 aligner booster in the package. Each aligner is worn for 3 weeks, while activated by the aligner booster 2 times before going to the next aligner.


Controls precise aligner reshaping



Monitor and report treatment performance



What doctors say

Dr. C.Dewdney

K-Line is an already established, dynamically growing and ever innovative orthodontic company that has focussed, very uniquely, cutting edge scientific research and development with ecological awareness and responsibility to reduce our “plastic footprint”. The utilisation of smart materials, coupled with patient booster units to track aligner modifications and instigate them is revolutionary!

Dr. S.Kandil

The future of orthodontics is great and we are determined to play a major role in it. 4D ortho is a fundamental move for the whole industry. It opens the door to so many new possibilities. Accurate, fast, eco-friendly, and smart are all conceivable
meanings 4D brings to orthodontics.

Dr. R.Hughes

The new Kline Clear X 4D technology brings fantastic innovation and disruption to the clear aligner industry. Clear X is a millennialisation of orthodontics, a very exciting concept for both clinicians and patients.

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