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Date: Tuesday 7th November

Time: 7pm (CET)

Format: Webinar

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ClearX Certification Course!


Thanks for signing up to the ClearX certification course. A member of the team will be in touch with more details shortly.

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Course details:

Discover a more sustainable approach to orthodontics with ClearX. 

By signing up to B-Dental's ClearX Certification Course, you will be gaining access to exclusive training and information direct from esteemed industry professionals, including Dr Miguel Teixeira,  and find out how this revolutionary shape-shifting aligner can transform your practice. 

This 90-minute intensive course will take you through the features and advantages of ClearX compared to conventional aligners, how to gain access and use the doctors portal, how to submit a case and much more.

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Course leader:

Dr. Miguel Teixeira is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in
orthodontics and clinic management. Currently serving as the Senior Clinic Manager at K Line Europe in Dusseldorf, he brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his role.

With his extensive experience in clinic management, entrepreneurship, and teaching, Dr. Miguel Teixeira has established himself as a prominent figure in the orthodontic community. His commitment to excellence and innovation continues to drive his success in shaping the future of orthodontics and patient care.

Course Structure:

Objective 1:

Understanding the benefits of shape-shifting technology.

Objective 2:

Setting up a ClearX case.

Objective 3:

What to do when you receive your ClearX package

Objective 4:

Understanding refinements and case finalisation

Objective 5:

A guide to previous cases and results

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