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Thank you for choosing Clear X as your orthodontic treatment plan!

ClearX interest is to give the best products for its customers and to be eco-friendly. That’s why we kindly ask you to return all the products at the end of the treatment. In this way, we give or help in reducing electronic and plastic waste for a pollution-free environment.


After deep disinfection and in case of no malfunctions, the booster will be reused for a new treatment plan


This medical plastic waste will be disposed in an ecologic way thanks to our collaboration with companies that create clean energy through scraps

You can return the products if you faced any problem or came upon damages. Otherwise, the products can be returned at the end of your treatment. To be eligible for a return, your item must:

  • Be in the original packaging or, in case the package was disposed, a new package for booster and aligners must be provided by yourself.

  • Be well functional if you are returning the Booster at the end of your treatment.

  • Provide, in case of damage/malfunction of the booster or aligners, a brief note of the problem or indication of the damage position.

Return Process



Email your returning request
at, specifying the items you are going to return



We will send you a return label. Print return label and attach at to the package.



Send package to:
K Line Europe

Niederrheinstraße 16 
40474 Düsseldorf, Germany