How long do I need to wear the aligners?

Aligners need to be worn for the whole treatment process for 21 hours a day. You wear the aligners during the day and night.

What I can´t eat with my aligners?

You can eat and drink everything but you need to remove your aligners first. You can only drink cold water with your aligners in the mouth. Important is that you clean your teeth after each time you eat something and you place the aligners back in the mouth.

Can I chew gum?

No, you cannot eat gum during the time that your aligners are in the mouth. Always remove the aligners before chewing gum.

My teeth hurt:

During orthodontic treatment it's normal that your teeth sometimes hurt or feel different than normal. Especially when you place a new aligner or when you do the boosting the teeth can feel different or the aligner can feel a little bit tight. If the pain persists, please get in contact with your specialist.

My lips hurt:

At the beginning, when you start wearing your aligners, it's normal that your lips hurt or feel sore, because they are in contact with the aligner, tongue, and cheeks. When you feel like sharp edges in the mouth because of the aligner, then you need to get in contact with your doctor so he can smoothen the sharp edges.

Can I smoke with the aligner?

Smoking is not possible with the aligners in the mouth. We don’t recommend that.

Can I change my aligners earlier?

No, you cannot do that. To have a good treatment you need to follow the treatment plan provided by your doctor and us.

Do I need attachments during the treatment?

In most cases you need attachments to fix your teeth in the right position. But every case is different. On the other hand, if you need attachments, they are not very outstanding in the mouth. Attachments are little dots of glue that have the same color as your teeth. So they are not noticeable for other people to see.

After my treatment do I need more aligners?

It is possible that you need new aligners after your initial treatment. This is normal when you have aligners. It doesn’t mean that you always need new aligners but sometimes you need a couple of new aligners to do the last touch and improve just a little bit more. But you make this decision together with your doctor .

Will I feel anything after boosting the aligner?

t is possible that you feel more pressure on your teeth when you do the boosting. This will only be for a few hours.

Why are my aligners getting yellow/white?

Your aligners can change during the time that you are wearing the aligner can change into a yellow/white colour. This is normal with aligners. You wear the aligners for 21 hours a day and during that time you have saliva in your mouth and you eat and drink. This can make the aligner change colour slightly this is only visible if the aligner is not in the mouth. It is very important to make sure that you don't eat food or drink drinks with dyes. Dyes can speed up the discoloration process. Our advice is to always brush your teeth and clean your aligner after eating and drinking.

My aligner has a sharp edge:

When your aligner has a sharp edge, this is sometimes possible. Just contact your doctor and he can remove the sharp edges.

Is it normal that I don’t feel anything when I switch my aligner?

That is possible, each person and each mouth can react differently. So when you don't feel anything it doesn't mean that your aligners are not working correctly.

Is it normal not to feel anything after boost my aligner?

It could be normal that every person reacts differently. So when you don't feel anything it doesn't mean that the boost didnt work.

My aligner is cracked what can I do?

You need to contact your doctor. A cracked aligner will not work properly and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You also can go back to the previous aligner until you replace the cracked aligner. You can also use the next aligner when its almost time to replace it. But the best thing you can do is contact your doctor and discuss the possibilities.

My aligner is broken or lost:

Please contact your doctor about what the best steps are for you to do. Each treatment is specific and sometimes there are different steps to solve the problem. When you cannot get in contact with your doctor, you can go back to the previous aligner and just replace it. You can also use the next aligner when it is almost time to replace it.

Can I boost without using the App?

If problems occur with the connection between the app and the booster, you can alternatively boost without the app.

Watch our instruction video here.

If you have any further questions, please contact the ClearX staff.