Dr. Sherif Kandil

ClearX inventor

Online intro webinar

You just decided to tap into the world of modern orthodontics. Join our 1 hour online intro course for ClearX and experience the science behind 4D technology in clear aligners.

ClearX represents how 4D technology is redefining orthodontics.

It combines new material science features together with the internet of medical things IoT, to bring smartness and dental monitoring to a different level. 


The webinar is aimed at dentists and orthodontists

What can you expect?

  • What is 4D technology and how the shift between 3D to 4D  will happen in orthodontics

  •  Our biggest problems in orthodontics and how they could   be tackled with 4D technology.

  • Smart materials vs traditional plastic materials.

  • The rise of the aligner booster.

  • How to boost an aligner with the aligner booster

  • Case studies and presentations for cases done with 4D        dynamic aligners.

  • Lab tests for 4D dynamic aligners

  • How could you start implementing 4D tech in your practice?



Dr. Sherif Kandil

Founder K Line and ClearX inventor


1 hour


Free registration