Can we make Orthodontics more eco-friendly?

The field of orthodontics has experienced a change in recent years. New technologies are being developed to shorten the treatment time. However, as a common pattern seen in the market with most industries, we focus on the gains whilst we tend to forget our planet.

It is required to rethink consciousness and attitudes while moving towards sustainable dentistry. Simple changes can be implemented while taking into consideration that avoidance of plastic garbage is a huge mission in the field, and therefore needs to be seen as a continuous process


According to the Article “Sustainability in Orthodontics” , eco-friendly dentistry is based on the model of four-Rs: rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle. ClearX tries to follow this model.

Based on simple physical and mechanical principles, the Clear Aligners can be reshaped and reused. All that is needed is the ClearX Booster and the ClearX App . The aligner booster is a device that is designed to be used at home by the patient or at the doctor’s office. It is used to boost the aligner material to change its shape from one shape to another. Therefore, instead of using 2 aligners per arch to align teeth over 1 months, by this technique we use only 1 aligner to be worn for only 3 weeks. We hope we could decrease the number of plastic aligners patients use by over 70%-80% and even recycle the 3D dental models used throughout the manufacturing procedure.

Patients who are using ClearX as their treatment method are asked to return the booster along with the used aligners at the end of treatment. ClearX is working on a solution to recycle the waste into clean energy.

In addition, the aligners are shipped in oxo biodegradable packaging rather than conventional plastic packaging. ClearX not only wants to take a small step towards environmental friendliness itself but also to raise market concerns about the ethical responsibility towards our environment.


It is inevitable to rethink our technologies. About 32% of the plastic waste produced worldwide ends up in the environment due to a lack of recycling measures. An estimated 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea every year. Around 800 animal species living in the ocean or in coastal regions are affected by the pollution. It is assumed that by 2050 there will be as much plastic as fish in the world's oceans.


Consequently, ClearX gladly supports Ocean Blue Project to do our part for the environment. The non-profit organization educates people about pollution, organizes Beach Cleanups and other projects, and gathers a lot of like-minded volunteers around them. Together we are working towards saving the ocean by removing microplastics.

Every ClearX smile removes a pound of plastic from the ocean.

ClearX provides advantages on several multitudes whether for the practitioner, patient as well as our planet. Our goal is to decrease plastic usage in the orthodontic field while leveraging the smartness of teeth straightening to extents that were not possible before. The first few steps have been taken but there is still a long way to go.

Learn more about Ocean Blue Project’s Impact here.