• Aleyna Polat

The rapid change in the orthodontic industry

Within the last decades the orthodontic industry has developed rapidly and reached incredible milestones - one after one another. Since the mid 90’s we are moving in the field of the revolutionary clear aligners, which substitute conventional metal braces and allow an easier, smarter and much more comfortable treatment. It was Zia Christi, the founder of Invisalign, who invented the clear aligners. Through the rapid change, several opportunities came up, since more and more types of clear aligners were produced. Globally other well-known brands are for example as follows:

  • K Line Europe

  • Align technology

  • Dentsply Sirona

  • Patterson Companies Inc

  • Institute Straumann

  • Danaher Corporation

  • 3M

  • Argen Corporation

  • Henry Schein Inc.

  • TP Orthodontics Inc

Clear aligners are transparent, which is why a treatment at every age and life situation is possible without influencing your well-being, while not making you feel uncomfortable for wearing traditional and directly recognizable braces. Moreover, they can be removed whenever it is needed, which ensures a great comfort, while it is still possible to eat, brush your teeth and participate in meetings or hold presentations for example, without wearing the aligners. It just has to be ensured to wear them at least 21 hours per day, so that it can guarantee the desired results. These are just to name the biggest advantages of clear aligners. But now, Dr. Sherif Kandil, founder and CEO of K Line, the German highest-quality clear aligner provider, invented the revolutionary ClearX aligners, based upon 4D-technology. The ClearX aligners portray the next level of an incredible innovation, which makes things possible, no one could have even imagined before.

ClearX aligners are eco-friendly clear aligners, which allow a reduction of 60% plastic in the production, which is incredible, since the impact of plastic usage in the orthodontic industry has been increasing more and more during the last decades. In my last blog, I wrote about the positive environmental aspects and influences concerning ClearX aligners, which other huge advantages it offers and how the incredibly smart ClearX Booster works.

But these advantages were by far not all, the ClearX aligners offer. With the help of the app, which is available for Android and iOS in both the App Store and Play Store it is possible to track your treatment with your smartphone. After the water is heated up by the booster which takes about 5 minutes, the ClearX aligner is put into the booster. The app will give you notifications about the processes, how long it will take and in general you are able to find all the information you need within the app.

Clear aligners were already a revolutionary development. But ClearX aligners are the stunning innovation in the orthodontic industry. Dr. Sherif Kandil recognized the gaps and issues of the industry and combined the advantages and today’s technological developments to offer the most comfortable, environmentally most sustainable and smartest treatment of teeth correction to the world.