The Sustainable And Simple Solution To Traditional Braces

We are living in times of rapid change where running fast and breaking things could be the best option for many. However, every now and then comes a new wave and direction that humans adopt to fix what they have broken. Still, recognizing mistakes and solving them is better than further breaking more things. This has been a common phenomenon seen in many sectors and especially in the clear aligner sector.

A booming market, huge potential, and fragmented business models. However, the fuel of expansion was only one thing: plastic.

Currently, more than 35,000 tons of plastic waste (after 2017) are used in the clear aligner sector alone, not even counting plastic-waste from packaging. (2017, Dr. Sherif Kandil)

Dr. Kandil discusses this topic in detail in many of his online articles and blogs. He refuses to see the market continue its expansion relying on using more plastic: “The clear aligner market has lost its momentum of sustainability, and now fixing things will take more time and effort than one person could trigger, we must work collectively to solve this problem” says Dr. Kandil.

Dr. Kandil has been developing a new value chain for clear aligner that uses 50% less plastic than any other conventional system out there. The product developed is marketed under ClearX.

With ClearX, several steps forward are being made in many different areas. Economic advantages for customers and patients, technical advantages for users and practitioners, biological advantages several ecological advantages for our planet and the environment have been made accessible with the 4D technology-based solution, which is the main technology used to develop ClearX.

ClearX aligners are a series of clear aligners manufactured using

4D technology concepts and the shape memory function of many plastics. Clear aligners in general offer the advantage of straightening your teeth without any loss of life

quality. It enables the user to eat, drink and speak normally, as they can be easily removed whenever necessary. In addition, the whole treatment is

invisible for the people around you since the aligners are transparent.

ClearX brings not only all these advantages but adds up a lot more on top. Let’s have a look at some theoretical advantages of this approach:

Using 4D technology, it is possible to manufacture ClearX aligners with 60% less plastic than usual. Another major revolution of ClearX is the Aligner Booster, which is an essential part of the whole system. The booster allows the patient or practitioner to clean and adjust their aligners in an extremely comfortable and easy way. The booster is like a water container that is filled with water before boosting. The water is heated to a pre-specified temperature and then the aligner is put in there for 5 minutes, which makes up the boosting time. When the aligner is boosted, it gets a new shape or geometry that corresponds to the next shape of the aligner coming in the treatment. Thus, every boost saves one plastic aligner. Accordingly, on average 50% less aligners and 3D models are needed to produce per case.

All in all, this revolution offers one advantage after another. Standard clear aligners were already outstanding and beneficial compared to traditional braces. But ClearX is a whole new innovation which enables a faster, smart and much more comfortable treatment nobody has ever seen before in teeth straightening.